LIMITED EDITION Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette Colour-Coded Eyeshadows in 'Fallen Angel'


This is a limited-edition holiday collection eyeshadow palette, sold out in most places! One of the great features is that it has stars imprinted on the casing, as well as pressed onto the eyeshadows themselves. 

Charlotte Tilbury's Luxury Palette in 'Fallen Angel' is the easiest way to achieve a smoky eye look. This set includes hypnotic shades of pale golden pearl, antique silver, velvet black, and bronze. 

It is also different than the other Charlotte Tilbury palettes in that it has a wet/dry formula. Use a wet brush for vibrant color with a liquid metal finish.

- Enriched with oils and silicon-treated pearls for smooth application

- Designed to be dialed up or down depending on the occasion

DIRECTIONS: (The colours will be shown on the back of the box)

  • - Dust 'Prime' shade all over the lid and into the corner of your eyes for a widening, brightening effect
  • - Brush the 'Enhance' shade into the socket and blend, and then smudge along the lash line - don't forget the bottom lashes for added definition
  • - Apply 'Smoke' shade to the outer edge of your eye and then blend along socket and lash line
  • - With your finger, apply 'Pop' shade to the center of the lid and blend for added drama
65.00 BND
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