Kat Von D Lash Liner

Lash Liner revolutionizes the way you line your eyes with an innovative new long-wear, water-resistant formula, specially designed for the waterline, a notoriously difficult area to get extreme pigment payoff that lasts. Finally, get all of the intensity of a liquid eyeliner, without any of the running, smudging, or raccoon-eye effect associated with traditional pencil waterliners-Lash Liner glides on and quickly dries down for all-day performance.

Lash Liner's Hybrid Fluid-Gel formula contains clay binding ingredients for a richer texture than a standard liquid liner, a unique formulation designed to stand up to watery eyes. This super-pigmented formula will set in 15 seconds or less for transfer-resistant long wear. Lash Liner's soft-tip applicator is custom designed to hold the perfect amount of formula, so you can instantly intensify any eye look with extreme precision and ease.

How to use?

1. Gently pull down skin under eye to expose waterline.
2. Dip & Dab, it's that easy: Dip applicator in formula and wipe off excess. Dab along waterline until you achieve your desired level of intensity.
3. Keep holding and avoid blinking for 15 seconds until liner sets completely.

35.00 BND
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