Frank Body Lip Balm


On a mission to keep your skin and the environment happy with naturally-derived, good-for-you ingredients, frank body's nourishing range shows just how powerful Mother Nature's produce can be for super-soft, healthy skin - and kisses! Crafted with a bevy of kiss-me-quick ingredients - and steering well clear of the uglier ones like parabens and PEGs - this lip balm is here to save all your chapped pout woes. Formulated with lanolin to supply a surge of hydration, coconut oil to nourish and plumping coffee seed oil to stimulate collagen production, this might well be the lip balm to end all lip balms

Apply a generous layer to lips whenever they feel dry.

Top tip: you can apply excess balm to cuticles, brows or dry patches to benefit from its hydrating powers.

15.00 BND
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