Blemish Buster by Sonya Dakar


 Waging 3-pronged attack on imperfections, Blemish Buster stars encapsulated salicylic acid, active probiotics and antiseptic silver ions to oust 'damned spots' overnight. Deeply penetrative, salicylic acid heads straight to the 'root' of the problem - exfoliating, clearing and softening skin while encouraging healthy cell growth. Probiotics then combat the 'bad bacteria' while silver helps to ward against infection and reduce the likelihood of inflammation. Camphor, zinc and sulphur then accelerate skin healing - calming redness and preventing irritation so you wake to clear, blemish-free skin.


Shake well and use applicator to dot directly onto blemish. You may feel a slight tingling. Can be used morning and evening, but recommended for night-time application.

40.00 BND
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